Curly Swirly Cocktail


Jenn has many passions including music, TV shows, soccer and the great outdoors, but her main squeeze (apart from Jase) is food. Let her take you on a journey of tasty morsels, sexy drinks, awesome experiences and most importantly, self-discovery.

Curly Swirly Cocktail

Here at Jin & Jase HQ, we love creating classic cocktails and putting our spin on it. As classics go, you just can’t go past a good Gin & Tonic. It’s easy, tasty and refreshing.

This G&T with a twist comes with Tanqueray Gin, Schweppes Tonic,¬†mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries) and a wedge of lime for kick. It’s berry delicious! (oh look, I’m capable of making lame jokes)

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