Royal Stacks, Chatswood

Royal Stacks, Chatswood

ORDERED: Single Stack, Double Stack and Cheese Fries

LOCATION: Westfield Chatswood, Shop 357/8A,1 Anderson Street, Chatswood


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We’ve been on a bit of a burger binge lately. This week we take a bite out of Royal Stacks, an American style fast food joint that recently opened here in Sydney. It’s our second visit and definitely the better of the two but not for the wrong reasons.

Royal Stacks opened up its first burger restaurant in the Melbourne CBD and it wasn’t long before our second store opened up in Brunswick. Our burgers have been carefully thought out and all of our ingredients work together in harmony to create a very satisfying burger experience.

My hunger was minimal the first time I visited The Stacks, I had just come back from a Bucks weekend and I’d eaten enough deep-fried, cheese-filled meat-based products to break my scales. I was tired, hung-over and all Jenn wanted to do was snack on greasy burgers. She made me do it!

Here’s the thing though it was delicious, I knew it was delicious but my body couldn’t handle it. My body spoke to me in a manner of ways with one clear message “For the love of god stop eating meat covered in cheese, I know it tastes good but I’m not going to let you enjoy it! Go and eat a lettuce or something!”. I knew I’d have to come back when my body was ready.

Round 2. I purchased new scales and drank vegetable smoothies, my training was complete and my pallet refreshed. I was ready to fully enjoy this taste sensation.

Jenn got the Single Stack, I snacked on the Double. I had to make up for last time and I was going to do it right. Royal Stacks have a lot of tasty-sounding burgers on their generous menu and while The King (beef burger with a mac and cheese croquette) or the fantastically descriptive Bacon Bacon may have been more enticing, I had to stick with a classic. Two patties, American cheddar, tomato and lettuce with something they call “burger sauce” called out to me once more.

Royal Stacks is good, really good. The bun is soft, the subtly salty taste of the meat and the creaminess of the cheese all work wonderfully together. I was on to my next bite while I pushed the other massive mouthful to the other side of my mouth like a chipmunk storing nuts. I considered washing it all down with a Frozen Custard but instead, I opted for more salt n’ cheese. I haven’t had cheesy fries in a long time and honestly, once you have a couple it can get old, sometimes it’s just too much flavour.

In saying that, the cheesy fries worked perfectly with the burger. I just didn’t get bored and had my stomach had not said stop I probably would of kept going.

Royal Stacks is up there with the likes of Burger Project for an American fast food hit, there is a lot of variety on the menu and I’d highly recommend paying them more than one visit just so you can try out all they have to offer. I’d probably even come here just for dessert.

Do yourself a flavour and grab a burger from Royal Stacks in Chastwood today. Open from 11:30am till 10:00pm.